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Philanthropies commit to sustained collective action in response to the climate emergency

Dec 13, 2020
On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, philanthropies, including Growald Family Fund, have underlined and enhanced their commitment to investing into climate solutions.  In September 2018, 29 funders made a combined pledge to grant $4 billion to tackle the climate crisis at the…

The key to an economic recovery: clean energy

Jul 13, 2020
by Athena Ballesteros, Programs Director for Growald Family Fund Boldness takes courage in normal circumstances, but it requires another level of bravery to be bold in times of chaos and immense change. Yet if we want to avoid the most catastrophic outcomes of climate change, we have to act and invest…

In Solidarity

Jun 16, 2020
Our team at Growald Family Fund stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement for racial justice in the US, and are grateful for the massive global demonstration of demand for a new era of equity both in the U.S. and worldwide. We recognize that The Black Lives Matter movement and the climate…
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Growald Family Fund: Putting Venture Philanthropy to Work on Climate Change

Nov 22, 2016
“Carbon Tracker has changed the financial language of climate change” The Guardian, May 2014 Established by Eileen and Paul Growald, The Growald Family Fund (GFF) is a venture philanthropy fund concentrating on minimizing climate change. Its strategy is to catalyze a rapid and dramatic shift to clean…