Our Credo

At Growald Family Fund (GFF) we aim to embody our values and manifest them in our workplace culture.  For us, work is a passion and a calling, so we aim for work-life integration rather than work-life balance. As a foundation, we are uniquely positioned to embody these values and pioneer new workplace cultures.

We believe in a family friendly work style that allows for the new gender roles required to enable female leadership in the workplace and male nurturing at home. We therefore have:

  • A flex-time policy that places an emphasis on getting the work done rather than specific hours of face-time in the office. This also reflects the fact that much of our work is international and can require odd hours.
  • A family leave policy that is for primary and secondary care givers (as opposed to the traditional maternity/paternity leave).
  • Generous vacation time and family leave time. We believe this is necessary not only for family, but for fostering a culture of creativity and innovation.

We also prioritize and value multiculturalism. This is reflected not only in our diverse team, but our policies as well which allow employees two religious holidays of their choice (as opposed to standard U.S. religious holidays).

Collaboration is one of our core values. This means that we not only work closely together on key projects, but also follow a cross-organizational, agile leadership model. This means that we count as our team members and leaders individuals that work at other organizations, and leverage those skills, abilities and resources. These teams are fluid, flexible and follow impact rather than hierarchy. We are also deeply committed to supporting funder collaboration and shared strategy/analysis and grant-making. We dedicate a significant amount of our time and energy to supporting these collaborative efforts and to building and deepening partnerships. We use the agility that being a family foundation offers us to explore, network, convene and leverage impact. 

We believe in a culture of innovation and creativity, where every team member is encouraged to find the role they will flourish in and to actively seek learning opportunities. Our office culture is supportive and collaborative and focused on impact rather than process. While we have very clear goals and metrics, we encourage strategic questioning, programmatic risk-taking and big picture thinking.