Our Approach

We must act quickly to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and we must act boldly, investing our resources for maximum impact.

If we want to avoid the most catastrophic outcomes, we have to cut emissions and hasten the transition to clean energy. We have made great strides in recent years, but much more is left to be done.

We believe that philanthropy plays a key role in nurturing new approaches to climate solutions, supporting objective analysis for use by governments and key partners, and building a vibrant civil society. This support, together with work done by governments and businesses, can help to create the meaningful transformation that is needed for the climate, as well as air and water pollution.

Our approach is threefold. These three ways of working deeply complement and reinforce each other.

  1. Collaboration and network leadership. We know from experience that one of the most powerful tools for change is collaboration. We are dedicated to engaging in and supporting deep partnerships and networks with other funders, think tanks, nonprofits and academic institutions

  2. Identify, fund, and scale a key portfolio of grants based on a venture philanthropy model, which allows us to evaluate potential and existing grantees based on the following criteria:
    • High risk, high reward: Innovative approaches that have high-impact potential, but which are often untested.
    • Measurable results: Short- and long-term quantifiable measures of progress and success.
    • Scalability: Organizations or leaders that are poised to take their idea to a scale that has large scale impact potential.
    • Clear exit strategy
  3. Furthering the field work that supports broader efforts to engage on these issues. We fund key research and often support/host convening and networking events to promote strategic discussions and ensure the implementation of a shared and aligned strategy to meet our goals. We are also deeply passionate about supporting emerging leaders in the field; to learn more about our Interns and Fellows program, click here.

We are available to speak to audiences on venture philanthropy. For further information please contact us.