Interns and Fellows Program

The Interns and Fellows Program follows on the Fund’s commitment to invest in and build the leadership capacity and skills of diverse, visionary and collaborative professionals in the field.

Each year the internship and fellowship staff in consultation with our network of Funders, NGOs and experts, identify key issue areas that require further development and have the potential to produce an outsized impact in scaling up initiatives to catalyze a transition from fossil fuels to clean energy in the electricity sector of key regions. The internship and fellowship experience provides a dynamic, hands-on experience for students and early-career professionals committed to addressing energy challenges with cross-sector approaches in key regions of the world including South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

Fellows work collaboratively with a host organization to shape and execute a project that simultaneously advances the mission of the organization and provides the Fellow with the opportunity to develop leadership capabilities, management skills and the confidence to advance their professional contributions and accelerate their careers. 

Growald Family Fund is committed to promoting cultural diversity and female leadership within the field. Applicants from key regions listed above are highly encouraged to apply to available positions.

Interns and Fellows Program
Natalie James, Research and Administration Intern

Natalie provides administrative support and research support to the Fund to help inform and develop the Fund's strategies and program. In addition to her role at the Growald Family Fund, Natalie is also completing an internship at the Haymarket People's Fund where she is providing support to the Undoing Racism project. Natalie is presently a bachelors candidate at Smith College where she is majoring in Africana Studies with a minor in English Literature and concentration in Community Engagement and Social Change. 


Interns and Fellows Program
David Gross, International Energy Diplomacy Intern

David provides research and analytical support to further develop emerging efforts of philanthropy, NGOs and think tanks to coordinate international efforts to enable the transformation of the electricity sector away from high carbon fuels in alignment of energy and climate diplomacy processes. David holds Master's degrees in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from University of Peace in Costa Rica, International Affairs from American University, and Public Administration from Clark University.

Interns and Fellows Program
Belinda Hsu, Asia Climate Finance Fellow

Belinda spent over 20 years in the financial services industry throughout Asia and in the U.S., working for both investment banks and asset managers. The bulk of her experience was in the equities markets sector and regulatory compliance for the business. A novice to clean energy and a native of Asia, she hopes to use her passion and experience of Asia to help fight climate change. Belinda is a Chartered Financial Analyst. She lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with her husband and two children.